the past in an hour glass


Sarah often closed her eyes and wished she could rewrite the past. She often wished she could correct her mistakes like she did when in school. Life had been so much simpler then. A notebook and a pencil were her treasure and the bicycle gifted by her father was a dream come true. Early morning her father would get up and milk the cow and give it to her to drink. Then Sarah would rush to school on her bicycle. Then came the golden day when she was selected in the state basketball team.
She was so happy that she could feel the air brush by her as she cycled across the bridge and reached home. Her father too was overjoyed yet sad for he would have to let his only daughter leave home. Yet he knew he had to let his daughter go .So halfheartedly he packed her bags. They reached the bridge and while Sarah smiled and waved at her father and welcomed her new life her father stood there and watched the bus go.
Years passed .Sarah traveled the world and often sent her father postcards. Basketball and photography were the passion of her life now. Often in the mornings when the hotel waitress brought her fruit punches or mock-tails she would remember her father and click a picture of herself and post it to him with the city’s name she traveled to. One day she got a letter from the village hospital telling her that her father was very ill.
She left for the village immediately. In the hospital she held her father’s hands and felt she had wronged him for not being there for him .Weeks went by .Often her father would wake up and see her crying. One day he asked her why she was so sad. She replied she felt she was a devil for ignoring her father. Her father smiled and asked her to take out a notebook from the cupboard and read it. Sarah was shocked when she opened it as it contained all the pictures she had sent him. He then told her that she had never traveled alone for he saw the world from her eyes and was always proud of her.Those pictures were not just memories but adventure he had lived and dreams he had seen from her eyes.Never again Sarah felt sad for she knew that the past had made her what she was now.


2 thoughts on “the past in an hour glass

  1. This piece of short story is ‘guilt free’ it reminds us what we start following dreams and aspirations! Very touching. Sagarika


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