tick tock

with every stroke in the clock he ran out of time.being a jockey he knew how every second mattered in a race and how important it was to keep the horse’s strength for the last lapse.yet he had to take the decision to give his horse some water from the well or continue for miles unknowingly.he decided to stop and give his horse the rest it needed and then continued again.Even years later Ram would hesitate drawing the curtains in fear someone would see him and probably make fun of him on recognizing that he was the loser of the world horse racing championship.Yet one day he had no choice but leave his home and visit a vet ,for his loyal and only companion lono, a pug was very ill.Nervously,he camouflaged himself like a common farmer with a straw hat and loose clothes. to avoid the road he crept out of the back door and paddled his boat till he reached the vets farm.he met the vet who told his dog needed overnight supervision.so downheartedly he placed his lono on a stand near the stairs and gazed outside the window.there he saw a beautiful black horse which was quite wild and kicked anyone who came near.the trainer were trying to hold it but it turned ferocious. So ram went near it and tried holding him.but the horse kicked ram also.this seemed like a challenge and ram made up his mind not to loose .so now, more confidently he held the horse by its hurdle and looked into its eyes.somehow ram saw his own reflection in its eyes and for a moment forgot everything and rode the horse.he felt free after a long time.on seeing ram other villagers came and greeted him.some even hugged him.He realized that that people did not care that he had lost but rather that he had lost himself.he realized all these years when he had hid himself from the world , he was actually hiding from himself.


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