the rush


the life of a sportsperson is quite similar to that of our long lost ancestors who lived in caves.every day for them is a constant struggle and every second counts.while their goals and determination seem as high as the Everest their walk to the path of success is no less than a car race.for them each game means life or death. while some fans cheer with beer glasses and some with billboards at stadiums…..time clicks with the stern glare of a hangman and it is the matter of “now or never ” for them as they hang on the nook of success or failure.They live ,dream sleep in sports but only of them some bathe in glory of success.though earlier cavemen succeeded by a single spark of fire he achieved while rubbing two stones together, today success means fancy sports-cars,mansions with Jacuzzi , magazines with their articles or even biographies with their name on book counters or may be even a little more.time has altered the meaning of success but struggle, friction, determination and hope remains a critical part in the story of life.History remembers only success and history books carry the names of only winners.though for cave men this did not mean much but for sportsmen today this can value even more than sports itself.but few know that at the peak only the one stands who has gracefully faced the showers of love from fans and thunders from critics alike.he rises above the flowery laden slogans and harsh thorn like remarks.for him success is playing a game fairly and giving his best and then then other things follow his trail.


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