the moonspell

Prince toro wanted to become king but by the law of the land this could happen only after his father’s death.So every morning even before the cock’s crow he would send his servants to inquire about his father’s health. But the king unaware ,would think that not just was his son gallant but also a kind caring heart .One night when toro thought he had had enough he went to a witch.The witch agreed to carry out his evil plan but in return asked for a wish to be granted. Toro agreed readily.So the witch created a magical sword using the red moon spell and flew with it on her boom to the king’s chamber.she slit open the king’s chest and took out his heart. by red moon’s spell his body healed without any wound so his death seemed natural.The witch returned and met the prince.Now the wish,she said ,grant me my wish,say yes . As soon as toro agreed he turned into a cat.Now to turn herself into the prince she needed a true heart’s hate .So she asked the king’s heart .The king’s reply was” you have taken my heart,Now slave my soul.but free my dearest son.” Now that a true heart had spoken the words of love the spell reversed.A lightening from the sky struck Them both. Toro ,now human realized his mistake.In the quest of the world he had ruined the kingdom of love planted in his fathers heart.Later ,He became not only the king of the land but also like a father to his countrymen.


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