little escapade

It was the magical season again-the season of holidays and no school-the season of enjoying pakoddis while enjoying the rain or maybe an escapade in the wild.Life was different in the hilly terrains and Roby like any other kid in the neighborhood rushed back home on his skating scooter from school and shouted with joy.After all this was the holiday he had been planning for days.He had never seen the sea or sat in a boat.Goa was “the hidden paradise” he wished to discover.Yes,that was how the magazine had described the Goa tour,6days -7 nights-plus night sufari “to unleash your seat trillers”.Roby was so exited that he eagerly waited near the door with the magazine in his hands for his dad’s return.It was dusk when his dad came tired and exhausted after a hard day at the timber mill.He rushed towards his dad and showed him the magazine ad.His father casually denied and went inside. Roby broke into tears and ran .Heart broken ,he decided to leave his home forever and ran into the woods.He ran till it was dark and sat below a tree.Soon he fell asleep .He woke up and found himself wet.It was raining heavily.Suddenly he felt some movement in the darkness and saw green eyes gleaming towards him.He thought it was a mountain cheetah his mother would tell stories about.Scared ,He fainted .It was afternoon when he opened his eyes and saw he was in a boat.His parents had found him fainted in the woods and were taking him to the city’s doctor.Boat ride seemed rather uncomfortable and he felt nauseated .Soon they were in town trying to cross the busy streets with non stopping horns and scooters.He felt rather relieved when the time for return came but uneasy seeing the sight of the boat again. Back home all his friends and relatives visited him while he boosted about his little escapade.After all, he had “unleashed his seat of thrillers” although this time – a little close to home.


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