child at heart

with bags packed and dreams to travel the world jane set out of her home at midnight.Though just eleven years old she had thought that all her life she had been considered the black sheep of the family and she always felt out of place, lonely and alone like a cuckoo in a pigeons flock.she crept out of the house and headed for the road unknowing where to go she walked and was at noon when she heard her phone’s ring tone.she picked out her phone from her was her elder brother jack calling.when he asked her where she was and told her he would eat her favorite lamb for lunch she angrily shouted and told him he would never see her again for she had left the house and ended the call.with tears in eyes jane kept walking forward cursing god for the uncaring family she had.Back at home her parents and brother got worried .They tried calling her again but she put her phone on silent mode.then they tracked her using GPS on their Tablet and followed her trail.It was late at evening when they found her sitting over her bags by the roadside wearing her cowboy hat.seeing jane her brother shouted ” look its a scarecrow.” and ran and hugged jane tightly.hungry and tired jane felt rather happy to see her family.while in car jack whispered in her ear,”i thought ,you had left forever so gave all your clothes to poor.”she groaned and then her mother chided jack.she closed her eyes and went to sleep.her brother took off his gloves and put them on his sisters hand to keep her warm.when she woke and saw the gloves she smiled and kissed her brother.her brother mischievously poked her and said ” Now you look like a proper scarecrow with a hat and gloves”and laughed.Years later, now jane a mother herself often looked at her children fighting and thought though the technology in world had advanced some things never change.


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