as timid as a mouse


rose and mary were forced to go for their vacations to their distant aunt’s house.Rose was always considered the naughty one while mary was considered to be as timid as a mouse.Although this aunt was also their godmother they had never really talked. She had always been dressed in black with a high bun and a stern look.With a single glare she even made their mother nervous.So with their bags and baggage packed and heavy hearts they left their their town for their aunt’s village in a carriage.It was around midnight when the carriage halted. First rose peeked out of the window and then mary.They saw a large mansion with lights coming form the windows and attic.that day even rose felt scared. with the horseman getting impatient they reluctantly got out.As they made their way to the mansion they felt someone’s eyes following them.Distant howls could be heard.Bats were flying.adding to drama was the creek that sounded when they stood near the doorbell.they both screamed and grasped each other.Hearing this commotion their aunt who had been knitting by the fireplace got alarmed.she panicked and ran and got herself entangled badly in the wool.she went and opened the door.the girls on seeing her got even more scared and cried “its a mummY”.Old granny then switched on the lights and said,”no dear,its granny not mummy.Now come in before you catch cold.”So inside by the fireplace they helped their granny untangle while explaining why they had screamed. Even stern granny could not help but laugh.


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