a rose without thorns

as pure and radiant was she as the scent of a white rose to her admirers who worshiped the very ground she walked on.after all ,she was the most beautiful woman in all of Venice. Like bees flaunting on a flower they would present themselves as gallant princes with the soul of a lion ,heart of an angel and fashioned such as to make even kings conscious. all they desired for was a glance or perhaps a smile while she flirted and made her way through the countless balls.rose was her name but her heart was as dead as the leaves fallen off a tree.while she mercilessly crushed hearts with her high heels her mother tried hard to protect her from the so called high society world. but with her age deteriorating she called her darling to her death bed ,held her lightly as she spoke in her weak voice.she said,” i once planted a seed which grew in to a beautiful rose plant with all charms the world could desire.with time it grew and became strong but all the flowers of it possessed the same color and scent.yet i never grew bore of it .my dear so it happens in life.one who truly loves you would see you beyond the fancy rainbow shades the world desires and as you age and he would not see your youth shedding away but would instead grow with you.” with tears in her eyes rose laid next to her dying mother.she had realized she was not heartless and said ‘ma,but why would someone love me.”her mother said,”you will not find love but love will find you stay strong ,grow and keep your roots intact.you are not just a pretty face you are my rose”


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