a dream…..a life

Cheedi Ram had been like a milking cow all his life for the firm he worked for.A hard working accountant for whom his calculator,a sharpened pencil and few sheets of paper had been the his best of buddies.while asleep he never dreamed for after a day of toil even his dreams went for sleep.for him his work was worship .he often recited the words “We see ,We judge” and considered himself a noble man for fulfilling his duty well and smiled.Now old and retired with less to do he often felt his death was near.One night,while asleep he opened his eyes and found he was hospitalized .next to him was a cardiogram machine.he could see his heart line and felt nervous.just then he felt someone standing on his other side.he turned and saw a black robed figure with a skeleton face holding and axe.Yes this must be the Life taker he thought. somehow bravely he said,”lets go for i know my time has come.” the life-taker then said”Oh has it,for i see you have not even lived a day”. Just then Cheedi Ram awakened .he had been dreaming. That morning for the first time Cheedi went for a morning walk and looked high up in the sky at the birds flying above and reflected ” We See , We judge how well your soul has flown in the mighty morning skies and then at dawn with welcomed you back with open arms” and smiled.for the days to come he lived his life fullest so as to pass his test when his judgement day would come.After all, he had been a topper all his life.


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